Carlston Family Foundation, Retreat and Symposium - November 8, 2008

The Carlston Family Foundation is a relatively small Foundation that annually seeks to identify and honor outstanding California High School Teachers. More recently, with the assistance of the growing group of Honorees, the Foundation has dedicated itself to helping promote a more effective system for teacher recruitment, preparation, induction, retention and professional development. The Foundation wishes to cultivate leadership in the teaching profession, help share and disseminate best practices of successful and consistently effective teachers, and enable highly accomplished teachers to contribute their views/to share their views on issues critical to California Education.

To accomplish this the Foundation has begun collaborative partnerships with California Schools and Colleges of Education to promote a range of research studies and policy initiatives to promote more classroom instructional time, improve assessment and evaluation of student learning, improve teacher assessment and evaluation and increase teacher empowerment and leadership in the development and dissemination of “best practices.”

In the fall of 2007, The Carlston Family Foundation hosted its First Annual Symposium on Education in California. The Foundation drew on the expertise of past Outstanding Teachers of America Honorees from throughout the state of California. This diverse group of teachers identified specific issues they believed affect classroom instruction, student achievement, teacher recruitment and retention and professional development. The results were summarized in a Report from the perspective of current classroom teachers who consistently produce high-achieving, academically successful students from the neediest communities and schools.

The 2007 Symposium focused on four general goals:

1. Improve High School learning and improve test scores
2. Improve teacher morale and foster a greater sense of professionalism among teachers
3. Assist in the recruitment and retention of teachers
4. Improve data collection and analysis and use information to create professional development programs that are meaningful, pertinent to the needs of classroom teachers and based on extensive collaboration

Over the course of 2008, the 2007 Summary Report has been disseminated to and reviewed by several College and University Schools and Colleges of Education along with various other foundations and organizations dedicated to the improvement of education in California.

(NOTE: This is only the first page of the 9 page report)

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