Carlston Family Foundation, Retreat and Symposium - October 16, 2010

The primary mission of the Carlston Family Foundation is to identify and honor outstanding California High School Teachers, nominated by former students who believe their teacher had a significant and life-changing impact on their lives. Each year, the Board of Directors selects five teachers to honor with substantial monetary awards. As part of the annual Awards Ceremony weekend, the Foundation invites past and current Honorees to attend an Educational Symposium designed to focus on specific issues which the Foundation might address to improve the quality of instruction in California secondary classrooms.

The Foundation initiated the Educational Symposium in 2007 to coincide with the Annual Outstanding Teachers of America Awards Ceremony and with the intention of inviting an Advisory Board of Carlston Family Foundation Honorees to advise the Board about areas where the Foundation might be able to influence and improve classroom instruction and enhance the professionalism of California teachers. Since the fall of 2007, the Foundation has harnessed and shared the high level of collective skills and talents of this group and continues to work toward improving teacher preparation and professional development programs, as well as influence educational policy. The intended emphasis continues to find ways to have a significant impact on classroom instruction and student learning.

The inaugural 2007 Symposium focused on specific issues that impeded classroom instructional time and student learning and offered recommendations about how these issues could be resolved or improved. These recommendations also addressed ways to improve teacher recruitment and retention, improve professional development and teacher preparation and policy issues to address. (see “2007 Summary Report” on web site).

In 2008 the Symposium reviewed and re-visited the 2007 recommendations and created a set of “Position Statements,” which also included a list of proposed research topics that might be beneficial in improving teacher preparation programs, improve policy and close the achievement gap going forward. These ideas were distributed to schools and colleges of education throughout California and have been very well received. (see “2008 Summary Report” on web-site).

(NOTE: This is only the first page of the 9 page report)

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